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Johnny Freezze
Johnny Freezze Sep 15, 2011
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Save Our Planetvid

Save Our Planet

A brand new music video presentation of the song, Save Our Planet by Johnny Freezze. Produced by Glass Frame Sound Imaging. All Rights Reserved 2011. Imported…
Johnny Freezze
Johnny Freezze Jun 06, 2011

It's Gonna Happen Anyway

"It's Gonna Happen Anyway" to be officially released MONDAY! 8-30-10 to the web on JukeboxAlive. The CD "The Best Of Johnny Freezze", will be released…
Johnny Freezze
Johnny Freezze Aug 28, 2010
Johnny Freezze_Conservatory of the Recording Artspic

Johnny Freezze_Conservatory of the Recording Arts

Johnny Freezze relaxes at the mixing console.
Johnny Freezze
Johnny Freezze Aug 20, 2010

It's Gonna Happen Anyway

Just released for review to the JBA Network, ( a new song by Johnny Freezze called, "It's Gonna Happen Anyway" is ready for first time…
Johnny Freezze
Johnny Freezze Aug 08, 2010
Make Way For The Futurevid

Make Way For The Future

A new fuel technology presentation video to the public. Produced by Johnny Freezze. As the future of gasoline becomes a bigger concern than ever now…
Johnny Freezze
Johnny Freezze Jul 18, 2010

Johnny Freezze Rocks The Truth On BUZZNET!!

The Oil Companies are screwing America. That's a no brainer! Please support the cleanup effort of the gulf coast states, and do all you can to help…
Johnny Freezze
Johnny Freezze May 18, 2010
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Johnny Freezze CDs

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Johnny Freezze
Johnny Freezze Apr 12, 2010
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Glass Frame Sound Imaging video singer-2vid

Glass Frame Sound Imaging video singer-2

Video singer (advertisement) for Glass Frame Sound Imaging. All Rights Reserved 2009 Johnny Freezze Productions. Imported from Uploads by johnnyfreezze
Johnny Freezze
Johnny Freezze Dec 21, 2009
Glass Frame Sound Imaging video stingervid

Glass Frame Sound Imaging video stinger

Video stinger (video advertisement) for Glass Frame Sound Imaging. Johnny Freezze productions. Imported from Uploads by johnnyfreezze
Johnny Freezze
Johnny Freezze Dec 21, 2009
A Tale Of The Freezzervid

A Tale Of The Freezzer

A six minute video biography about Johnny Freezze, Interviews. How it all started, from southern California bands to the creation of Johnny Freezze. With a…
Johnny Freezze
Johnny Freezze Jan 06, 2009
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  • Member Since: 2010-04-07
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian - Other
  • Children: Proud Parent
  • Education: Some College
  • Occupation: Entertainer, Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Sound Engineer

About Me:

Presenting new independent solo recording artist Johnny Freezze. After making
a come back to the national music scene for the last few years, Johnny Freezze
has been featured on most every indie music web site around the world, from
CDBaby to JukeboxAlive to MySpace, and many more. Now on BUZZNET!
His hit song "Save Our Planet" is sweeping the nation, and the world, leaving
Johnny Freezze fans everywhere anticipating a international debut.

With CD releases like "My America", "Beautiful Psycho", "Reaching Out",
"The Replican", "Rock Music Made In The USA", and just recently released,
"The Best Of Johnny Freezze", Johnny has managed to once again gain the
respect of music lovers taking the Internet by storm. For the latest updates
about Johnny Freezze, bios, video bios, pictures, events, music, discography,
music videos, or buy Johnny Freezze music CDs, and a whole lot more, stay
tuned to BUZZNET as the site gets updated and linked with the new way cool
Johnny Freezze Fan Club web page,

Don't forget to check out the brand new "Save Our Planet" music video now on
YouTube. Even critics who don't agree with the message say, this song ROCKS!

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All of them

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The Day the Earth Stood Still

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